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Flash Builder 4 – Data Centric Development (DCD) Workflow

Posted by hneelu on June 2, 2009

  1. For PHP
    Building a flex application for a PHP class
    Building a database app using flex and PHP
  2. For CF
  3. For Http Service
  4. For WSDL
    Connecting to Webservice with DCD feature in flash builder 4
  5. For BlazeDS
    Building Flex application for BlazeDS remoting service using flash builder 4

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Flash Builder 4 Beta – Data Centric Development (DCD) Introduction

Posted by hneelu on June 1, 2009

Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 (Code name: Gumbo) is available at Adobe labs.

FB 4 comes with a new feature set DCD (Data Centric Development). This makes the entire workflow to connecting to data easy, be it databases (through PHP and CF), HTTP Service, PHP, CF, WSDL etc.
With only three wizards : Service Wizard, Configure Return Type and Bind to Data,  the basic app is up and running.

I’ll take an example of connecting to a database.
I just want to fill in some data I get from the server to a datagrid.
Sound simple. With DCD workflow it is even  simpler to achieve it.

  • Flash Builder 4 Beta
  • Apache , PHP, mysql or just WAMP

Flowchart 1:

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