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Flash Builder 4 – Data Centric Development (DCD) Wizards

Posted by hneelu on June 2, 2009

DCD had three main wizards

  1. Service Wizard
    The Service Wizard defines a service and corresponding operations which are used to invoke RPC operations returning a certain data. Service Wizard can connect to PHP, CF, Httpservice, Webservice(WSDL), BlazeDS and LCDS.   [MORE]
  2. Configure Return Type
    It test an operation of an existing service and view the returned data structure. It generates VOs which can we used in flex applications. [MORE]
  3. Bind to Data
    Binds the existing component to the service operation result. Components supported are list, tilelist, horizontal list, combobox, button, datagrid, advanced-datagrid, charts and text controls etc. Form generation is also in scope of Bind to Data [MORE]

There are other aspects to DCD which are useful

  1. Service Explorer.
    The Service Explorer is the entry point of DCD workflow. This allows users to create and use various services for a Flex project. Check out the toolbar anc context menu (Right click on an operation) for added functionality like Form Generation, Refresh , Properties etc   [MORE]
  2. Configure Column (if you are using a datagrid)
    It configures columns for a datagrid, like adding/deleting columns.

NOTE: The code generated by DCD are VO for services and custom return type and NOT an equivalent of PHP/CF code in action script.


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